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What is BarKode?

BarKode v4 for KACE, is the current release of our BarKode Asset Management Enablement product for your KACE SMA. It comprises of a BarKode scanning application for your smartphone and a BarKode appliance which manages the data flow between the app and your KACE SMA.

What does BarKode do?

BarKode enables the implementation and management of the key Asset Management processes needed to manage all the IT related hardware in your environment. Those key processes are:

  • Starters and Leavers

  • Goods In

  • Stores and stock

  • Installations, moves and changes

  • Retirement and removal

Implementing and managing these processes will not only increase efficiency in your IT support function by saving you time and effort, they will also enable you to provide an even better level of service to your end user community, just by knowing what you have, where it is, who is using it and what it is worth

How does it help and why should I use it?

BarKode is programmed with workflows that enable you to make decisions, on the outcome of your scans, right at the point of data entry. BarKode also enables you to quickly and easily manage asset data as you go along, putting the control and accuracy of asset data within your KACE SMA into the palm of your hand. No more waiting to update data on the KACE UI when your techs get back to their desks. BarKode has asset management functionality far beyond what the KACE GO App can provide, this includes:

  • Generic Search

    Enter 3 characters and see the results on your app of a comprehensive look up search including key fields such as Asset name, Asset number, Machine name, serial number, comments etc

  • Geo Location Scanning

    Enable location services in the app and view actual mapped location that an asset was last scanned, either in the app UI or also available within your KACE SMA.

  • Existing Asset enrolment

    Easy process for applying Asset tags to existing assets, enabling rapid rollout of barcode asset tags in your environment.

  • Damaged Asset Tag replacement

    Lookup Asset details and replace damaged or missing Asset tags as you need them, no more duplicate assets.

  • Stock Delivery Receipt

    We have a predefined process that enables you to book in any delivery before worrying about assigning Asset tags to each item, proven to reduce loss at the point of delivery.

And if that is not enough, remember we also have all this existing functionality:

  • Secondary Scan Data Entry

    Scan your asset then enter the serial number, IMEI or MAC Address from a second barcode, remove errors due to typing inaccuracy

  • Bluetooth Functionality

    Attach a laser or RFID scanner via Bluetooth to enable even better functionality and quicker scanning.

  • Multiple Scan

    Scanning in a big order, set the fixed data variable (location, status) in the BarKode UI then quickly scan multiple asset records in seconds.

  • Owner Scan

    Assign multiple assets to an owner, quickly in a single scan

  • Location Scan

    Set the location value and scan everything in sight to set all assets to that physical location.

  • Audit Scan

    Complete comprehensive audits, based on Owner or Location, see the assets you need to find in your handheld UI, view confirmation as you find them, assign status to both found and missing assets and resolve any other anomalies in the BarKode UI as you go along.

  • Consumables Scan

    Turn your KACE SMA into a stock control system, set you locations, set up your consumable Assets based on Retail barcodes, scan stock in and out as used, get minimum stock level alerts and easily report on stock or consumable usage.

All of which is based on standard KACE functionality and configuration, meaning upgrades, updates of changes to your SMA WILL NOT affect the ongoing BarKode functionality.

How do I get to try BarKode in my environment?

Just get in touch using any of the following options:

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Download a free 30 day POC version from this


Appstore Download For IOS


or Playstore


What does BarKode cost?

BarKode is licensed only on the number of scanning devices that you need to give access to your KACE SMA Asset data. Our pricing is based on a monthly subscription model which gives you some great options and flexibility, enabling you to have all this great BarKode functionality from as little as $50 per user, per month.